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Your offroad adventure with Karakoles

Experience freedom and breathtaking nature with the fascination of driving our 4x4 Off-road vehicles with rooftop tent (RTT). True to the motto „camp and drive“ you will discover amazing places and people on the road trip of your lifetime. Our RTT are spacious and comfortable for up to 4 persons and the cars have a complete camping equipment. With Karakoles 4x4 cars you are independent and flexible to decide your route to experience one of the most amazing countries as close as it gets.

For insider tips on unforgettable places and suitable off-road driving we, as colombian rallye fans, are the experts. Being a self driving adventure you plan your general route and we give you the “cherry and the frosting" for fantastic travels. No matter if inside Bogotá, coffecountry, Tatacoa Desert or Cauca Valley, we know the places you need to see and should not miss, so that you experience the perfect adventure - guaranteed!
Does this sound like your next adventure? Then call us – Colombia is waiting for you!

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Karakoles - adventure guaranteed!
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Karakoles Colombia

Our Vehicles

Secure, compact, with great venezuelan made tropical RTT´s and camping equipment – for an unforgettable roadtrip around Colombia.

Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado

a full blooded 4x4 (mec) with Rallye equipment

4x4 RTT for 2 Adults and 1 Kid
Camping Equipment

Our prices

  • 5-10 days: 150 USD / Day
  • 11-15 days: 140 USD / Day
  • more than 15 days: 130 USD / Day
Toyota Prado

Renault Alaskan

Automatic Pickup with Nissan 4x4 under the bonnet

4x4 RTT, expandable to 2 RTT for up to 4 adults and 1 Kid
Camping Equipment

Our prices

  • 5-10 days: 175 USD / Day
  • 11-15 days: 165 USD / Day
  • more than 15 days: 155 USD / Day
Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny

the little Donkey that gets you anywhere

RTT for 2 adults
Camping Equipment

Our prices

  • 5-10 days: 125 USD / Day
  • 11-15 days: 115 USD / Day
  • mehr als 15 days: 105 USD / Day

Colombia – it´s worth a trip

Colombia is the world’s most diverse country with all climate zones and incredible nature: from breathtaking beaches to tropical rain forests and on to impressive mountains and volcanoes – there is something for everyone.

Also, culturally this country is a superlative: American Indian, Afro, Mestizo and people of European descent give Colombia a diversity difficult to find elsewhere. Try the culinary variety and dance to the rousing music styles that make locals happy. And remember that most of the great places are not easy to get to without the right car, but with Karakoles you are flexible enough for a round trip through this amazing country.

Rent a car with your partner, friend or bring the whole family and explore with a 4x4 and RTT the unbelievable landscapes and culture Colombia has to offer. As locals we know our way around and give you the best insider tips and locations for the walk on the wild side. Plan your journey and we have a look at it to make sure that you make the most of your time here.

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Frequently asked questions

Pickup in the colombian steppe

How does it work ?

Just contact us via WhatsApp, E-Mail or the contact form telling us what kind of car you want and when, then we will send you a quote. Once you arrived in Colombia, we can arrange a pickup for you and when you pick up the car, we show you how to build the tent and use the equipment. We also help you with the route planning.

Low hanging clouds over the colombian rain forest

What do I have to bring with me?

Our 4x4s have a Rooftop tent (RTT) and all the important camping equipment like cooker, tableware, table, chairs, hammock, etc. What you need to bring are: Towels, sleepingbags and provisions.

Plateau with mountains

When is the best travel time?

Colombia is on the equator and has 2 rain seasons that are during spring and summer of the northern hemisphere, but since the temperature doesn’t vary much and the rain season varies between regions, it’s a year-round travel destination.

Vulcanic riverbed

What can I see there?

Everything! From a lost jungle city to the gold museum in Bogotá and wild mountain passes, to humpback whales and tropical beaches. We help you create the perfect route according to your skills and interests.

Customer Feedback

A family from India traveling through Colombia in one of our cars

Everything was just perfect, we had a great time. The kids loved it, we loved each day of the trip, thank you so much for all the help

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On and off-road through a green desert

It was by far the nicest and most impressive travel that we have done with our kids (4 and 6 years old) – we started with our 4x4 vehicle from Bogota west to the Magdalena river and then south into the Tatacoa desert, continuing to the monolithic statues and UNESCO world heritage site in San Augustin before crossing the Andes to reach stunning colonial Popayan and lively Cali.

What to say - these five days and almost 1200 kms on Colombian roads and tracks were great fun. Exploring the area around Cali with a 4x4 is for sure a great way to make the most of your time in Colombia and to enjoy the variety of landscapes and vegetation. It also allows you to get off the beaten track and to have a unique adventure - definitely recommended!